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well, hello again! i am back… for a sweet edition of {number’s editorial}. today we shall have another lady that handles her camera like magic… her photography is soft, dreamy, romantic, delicate… and everything that will take you into a world with soft colours, delicate fabrics, and magic light…

mosaic49d53f03739fefda44995c8304f6ab6d4b02827c number’s editorial :: yvette inufio
{yvette inufio via flickr}

yvette is the honored guest today… 

“with the help of my camera, any tiny detail turns into an enormous wonder. thanks to “her”, I can express feelings and color my life. i enjoy discovering things, looking into forbidden places, into those mysterious corners not all deign to look: they are not interested. those tiny spaces do not even exist for many people, but they do for me. i stop to look at the trail left by the ants, i feed the doves while butterflies sing songs in my ears, my cats and i tell each other secrets and try to decode the hidden messages drawn by the clouds. inside me, there is a world, outside me, another. they are both different, they both have mysteries. as many mysteries as stars are in the sky.”

and now let us read her thoughts on some questions…

mosaic9a685f07f510bd0fb6703c70e242778803f7b017 number’s editorial :: yvette inufio
{yvette inufio via flickr}

number :: 36
i will be 36 years-old next year and i believe that will be awesome…

letter :: n
n is for natural… like natural light. natural light is always an element i seek for my photography. and nature is also a perfect word that starts with an {n}… 

a perfect day is when i…
…can spend more time at home. relaxed, doing things i like… when i feel harmony in my house… and specially when none of my cats goes missing. 

one thing i would love to learn is…
… to play the violin.

would you rather be an english woman in new york or a new yorker in england?
well, i believe that the correct answer for this would be… being myself living in new york!

aplacefortwiggsfeature number’s editorial :: yvette inufio
yvette inufio for {…a place for twiggs}

i hope you have enjoyed this little moment dedicated to one of the most admired photographers… because she has such personality and… i believe just as you, i can recognize her photography so easily, because she has a specific mood, that no other can pretend.

thank you yvette for being this week’s guest!

you can all read through her {blog}, sneak-peek her {flickr}, and of course… take some of this magic for your home, through her shop on {etsy}.

i hope you are having a delicious thursday!



  1. yay! love the photographers that you feature :) Going to check out her blog and flickr right now!

  2. thank you so much brooke & si!!! i also love yvette's photography & herself… she is such a sweet person!! have a great day! twiggs

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