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hello hello! it is here! the last interview that will complete the {blogging… by bloggers} interview series… it has been such a great week… you do not know what i am talking about? we had this fabulous week over the {place}, because we had fenomenal guests answering some interesting questions about the art of blogging. just for a quick reminder…

monday – {brittni} from papernstitch
tuesday – {victoria} from sfgirlbybay
wednesday – {tara gentile} from scoutie girl
thursday – {erin} from design for mankind

what do you think? rocket week or not?

so today it is all about comfort… creature comfort… or using other words, this is ez’s time to speak!

“hello lovelies! i’m ez (pronounced ee-zee) and creature comforts is my little inspirational haven. i’m so glad you’re here to share it with me! this blog is all about celebrating the tiny details that make life so amazing and looking to find beauty in the unexpected.  blogging has also become an incredible way for me to connect with people and things from around the world that i would otherwise have never known (like you).  i love sharing this creative space with you and am constantly inspired by all of my readers and this amazing community of ours.”

let us read about the main subject {blogging} by ez… what does she has to say on this?

1. do you remember the first day you blogged? what did you have in mind?
i remember spotting a few community oriented sites revolving around the handmade softies theme (at that time i had no knowledge of what a blog was and was into making stuffed creatures) and wondered what it was all about. on a whim i clicked a “free trial” button on one of those blogs, set up creature comforts and just never stopped since then (even though I’ve changed blog hosts a couple of times over the years). i certainly didn’t have any lofty plans and never would have imagined having a blog that has such a amazing group of readers. i still have to pinch myself all the time!

2. what does your blog represents for you? how many hours it represents on a daily basis?
my blog serves so many purposes for me. most importantly it gives me the opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded people who inspire and challenge me to work towards achieving my dreams every day, and on the less thrilling side of things it also puts a roof over my head and provides the income my daughter and i need to get by. i tend to have a hard time ending a workday and work very long hours. i’ve gotten better at scheduling my time in recent months though, and i’d say i now blog/interact with the blogging community/create projects for my blog/source new content, etc. for about 11 hours daily/6 days a week.

3. when you started to wish to make it grow in a really strong way, what strategies did work for your blog?
it took a while for me to realize that i might be able to make a living with my blog, and honestly for much of the time (especially in the first couple of years) the growth process involved a lot of trial and error. i’m sure that there are books that can be read on growth strategies for blogging (and maybe i should read them), but i’ve always wanted the focus of my blog to be about the things that inspire me, while also supporting independent artisans, and sharing in the amazing blogging community that i feel so lucky to be a part of.

4. since which moment you believed that your blog was a successful one?
i think that the first time that i received an email from a reader thanking me for inspiring them to pursue their creative passions i felt that i had achieved something really great. i would be lying to say that the number of readers doesn’t matter to me, because it does. but that number is more than just a financial means or gauge for “success.” it truly fills my heart with joy to think that that number (whatever it may be) represents an amazing assortment of incredible and inspiring people who chose to take a moment from their day to visit my site. i think that’s pretty cool!

{frances janisch via creature comforts}

now… let us think about other blogs and blogging…

1. if there was a main rule about blog etiquette, what would it be?
credit…credit…credit. what goes around comes around (especially in the blogging world).

2. publishing a story every day… main rule towards success or not at all?
if you want to build a site you definitely need to have consistent content that your growing readership can anticipate and look forward to. whether that is once a day, once a week, or 5 times a day is a personal decision. i would venture to guess that the more quality posts you produce the more rapidly your site will grow.

{inspiration daily via creature comforts}

3. when you read a blog, what is “that” thing that makes you click on “add a comment”?
i really appreciate when a blogger shares something personal about themselves, their passions, etc. there is something so real about that…like a hand reaching out through the screen…you just want to reach back, hold on, and be a part of the moment they’ve invited you to share with them for a little while.

{inspiration daily via creature comforts}

4. what does your eye catch when you are searching the web and you find a new blog?
i really notice when a blogger has their own aesthetic that they are sharing through their blog (it could be the blog design itself or the content). it is easy for things to begin to look the same when you are online constantly clicking links and trying to discover sites you’ve  never seen before. and when you come across one that stands out, it seems to always be because they have that authentic quality that can’t be forced or faked. those are the sites i can’t bookmark fast enough and can’t wait to share on my own little corner of blogland.

{site for sore eyes :: follow studio via creature comforts}

and this was the end my fellow friends… a full week of delightful insight, amazing focus, creative challenges… i believe that after this week, we may feel the need to stop & think. think about what we wish to do, what we wish to accomplish, what we wish to deliver… what we wish to be.

i hope this special interview’s edition has been a pleasure for you…

but enough believing & imagining…

give me your thoughts on these {five} interviews.

until then have a great friday!

greetings from twiggland!


  1. So, so happy to see EZ here! Her blog has brought me so much joy and inspiration since I first discovered her blog back in 2007. There were so many days when we lived in Morocco that I felt so low in spirit but a visit to Creature Comforts put a smile on my face and inspired me to reach outside my world, outside my comfort zones, outside my own experiences and believe that I could rise above. It's blogs like Creature Comforts that changed the person I am and how I view the world around me!

    I'm also amazed by all she does and yet again, I have to admit that I am relieved to hear that she doesn't do it all in an hours time! It's good for those considering the leap into full time blogging to realize that it doesn't come easy. It also makes me appreciate my "blog heros" even more as I realize all that they put into producing their blog from day to day!

  2. Thank you so much again for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful series Claudia! I'm tickled pink.
    And Tina…your comment brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing such kind words about me and my blog. It means more than I could ever say!
    xox Ez

  3. That's so nice to read! Creature Comforts is the only blog I visit every single day, even a few times a day! Thanks, Ez!

  4. What a lovely, heartfelt interview. Ez is such an inspiration! And what a wonderful idea for a feature, I loved reading through all of the interviews from this week – it really is so special to hear from so many amazing, creative bloggers who are really leaders and inspiration for so many of us talk about how & why they do what they do! Sorry for the rambling comment – I'm just excited because I loved this! Thank you! xoxo Laura

  5. Really inspiring interview with Ez! You know how to ask the good questions, Twiggs. :)

  6. Great post!
    I really like the "creature comforts" blog, is one of my favorites!

  7. hello lovelies!! i am so happy to see you here and to know that you have appreciated so much these interviews!

    Tina, that is a great story, i would felt so moved with those words, i believe you made ez's day with that comment!

    Ez, i thank you! your experience really brought us so much inspiration!

    Thank you Masha, Bianca, Vânia & Marina, it is so good that you feel inspired by this lady!

    Sweet Vicki, how are you doing? Lovely to see you here! Thank you!

    Hello Laura, so good to see you here!!! I am so happy that all these interviews made you feel excited and inspired! Thank you for coming and leaving such a sweet note! ;)

    Have a great weekend!!!

  8. What a fabulous interview Twiggs…you ask such great questions. I loved learning more about Ez. She is such an inspiration to me as a blogger and a mother. She is amazing. ♥

  9. Adorei! ¡Cada una de estas cinco entrevistas!
    Hiciste un trabajo periodístico maravilloso, y estoy segura que a todas nos fue de ayuda!
    Ez,tiene una magia especial y me encanta su página!
    Un beso grande mi querida y dulce amiga! Gracias por estas notas!

  10. I love her blog and have enjoyed reading a few of your other interviews as well. Good questions.

  11. Thankyou for your inspiring words I ve struggled with my blog. I have dyslexia ,which makes things very difficult at times to blog and follow all the instructions linking blogs and so forth .
    I do feel though my dy has helped me to persue my craft, that to me is easy so Im greatful. ,Sometimes though, I just want people to know, hey Im here .createing away .
    Your words are just what I needed today To keep going with this blogging thankyou
    jo x

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