random stories :: i do not want to get married…

… unless… i would get married in romantic & idilic settings… with a vintage flavour and faded colours… a moody sunset and white chairs… and just a few friends & family. 

… getting married was never my dream, unlike so many girls. maybe because as i was growing up, i attended weddings with my parents that were far from what i believed was an beautiful party. and also because i always felt annoyed by the idea that i would study and leave my parent’s home to get married & settle. so.. instead i dreamed about living my parent’s home to live in… new york. ambitious? a little bit… and i actually never did it. oh well, moved to lisbon alone. i think that counts!

so, this post is about a girl that never wanted to get married, but has a secret desire to be in one of these settings with the one she loves. delight yourselves…

… and this is it, enough with watering mouth images…

hope you have enjoyed this {random} story!

may your monday be a sweet one!

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